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Pro Se Family Court Solutions

Fighting a Custody or Divorce case on your own?
Do-it-Yourself help for the Pro Se Litigant!

Don’t have a lawyer, work with a Family Court Strategist!

divorce coaching

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Pro Se Family Court Membership Program!!! Rates as low as $49/mo*

No matter which service you choose, you save yourself THOUSANDS in fees! And still get better results.

  • Not everyone can afford high priced lawyers or huge and legal fees to represent them in Family Court. Even if they can, some just don’t want to because they don’t trust lawyers to handle their case right! Is this you? Representing yourself is an option now. Yes, you can learn what it takes to get the best results for your divorce or custody case without losing EVERYTHING. 3 Levels to Choose from starting from $49/mo.

    The Membership is one option, if you need more one on one guidance or help with certain aspects of your pro se divorce or custody, look into the Coaching, Consulting or Unbundled Services. Unbundled Services are ideal for pro se Family Court or pro se family law individuals, who might need something done for them “on the side” and don’t want to spend $450/hr to have their lawyer do it.

    The Divorce Solutionist provides a wide range of services to meet you exactly where you are in your divorce or child custody case. Once you reach out to us for help, we will take the time to explore the facts of your case to determine how we can best serve you in your Uncontested Divorce, high conflict divorce, divorce settlement, child custody case, etc. Although we specialize in working with pro se family court individuals, our services are very helpful for represented ones too. We offer help with everything from preparing divorce or child custody documents, do it yourself divorce, to reviewing divorce or child custody documents, locating people or assets, researching judges, screening attorneys to trial preparation.

    What do you have to lose?…..exactly what you’re fighting for!

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Want to learn more about the Membership program, the Coaching/Consulting packages or any of the Unbundled Services? Use the Chat or schedule a FREE 15 min call.

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Find out which service can help you increase your chances of “WINNING”!

Do-it-Yourself doesn’t mean REALLY doing it all alone!

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