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Pro Se Family Court Membership Program

Is the Basic Level Right For You?

Basic Level is ideally for those who feel comfortable representing themselves in their divorce or custody. Strategy is still the focus but with less contact than the other Levels.

If you:

  • Familiar with the court system;
  • Understand legal terms & language;
  • Know the forms to fill out;
  • Just starting out in court or in the decision phase;
  • Have minimum conflict with the other party;
  • Feel very confident in self-representing;
  • Organized & very detailed;
  • Able to work independently with some support.

Although this Level is best suited for most people who meet this criteria, any Level would be appropriate. The 1:1 support in this Level is minimal, limited to email and inside the Facebook group.

$49/mo (+ $99 registration fee.)

Is the Intermediate Level Right For You?

Intermediate Level is ideally for those who need a little more guidance & practical help.  If you know that you need more 1:1 contact, then this is perfect for you.

If you:

  • Have been involved in the court system for some time;
  • Are not quite comfortable with the complex legal terms;
  • Need help choosing the right forms;
  • Would like help preparing forms;
  • Are dealing with a high-conflict opposing party;
  • Are not comfortable going up against the opposing party’s lawyer;
  • Get anxious or overwhelmed with navigating your case;
  • Want more support than Basic Level.

This is the most popular Level because it is much allows you to stick to your strategic plan. The more direct contact allows for more guidance and accountability.

 $149/mo (most popular.)

Is the Advanced Level Right For You?

Advanced Level is the best option for anyone who wants the closest attorney representation they can have. Self represented has its benefits but can still be challenging. Having the input from a licensed, local attorney AND the direct support from a strategist can make a world of difference.

If you:

  • Are aware of the truths about Family Court but need help tackling it;
  • Feel confident about taking a different approach to your case;
  • Want more of a “team” like approach to handling your case;
  • Believe that you can oppose the other side no matter the representation;
  • Are dealing with parental alienation, narcissistic abuse, legal abuse, etc.;
  • Willing to take a holistic approach.

NOTE: The rates for this Level will change because of the level of impact it will have.

$199/mo (Limited Time Only.)

Apply Here

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