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Pro Se Family Court Subscription Membership Program

This membership based program is the only one anywhere within the US.  It is the perfect solution for pro se, self represented litigants who need the guidance of an experienced professional.  This program will help you prepare for the initial phase of your divorce or custody, help you present or defend against your case that is currently pending, give the practical help you need to prepare for trial and give you all the answers you need when seeking to modify your court order.

This program will help you: 

**Craft & write effective Petitions, Motions, Discovery, Responses, Objections, Affidavits, etc.;**Choose the right forms for any stage of your case;**Understand court procedure and rules so that you don’t miss important deadlines or have your documents rejected;**Learn to interpret Court documents so that you know your next move;**Plot your next strategic move based on the opposing party’s actions;**Choose the best way to circumvent the legal process to avoid court;**Research helpful resources to support you;**Prepare for expert examinations or interviews;**Get the most out of and work effectively with your GAL to avoid bias;**File the right reports with the appropriate agencies;**Gather evidence from any source and learn to use it strategically;**Document everything needed to support your case;**Learn to use all resources to help you navigate the process to your advantage;**Use preemptive vs. preventative tactics to gain an advantage;**Effectively deal with a narcissistic or high conflict ex (or their lawyer);**”Read” the judge (and all other legal professionals) to tailor your argument appropriately;**Anticipate your next move based on the strengths AND weaknesses of your case;**Master your emotions so that you can maintain mental clarity;**Incorporate practical tips that help you get through the stressful events;**Increase your chances of “wins”, even against a lawyer as self-represented;**Boost your confidence, become more empowered & increase your outlook for your future:**Strategically prepare and position your case to get the most favorable outcomes.

What You Get: (varies based on Membership Level)

  • One 60-minute initial consultation ($300 value);
  • A written Personalized Strategic Action Plan ($750 value);
  • Document Review & Interpretation of family law related forms* (up to $500 value);
  • Legal & procedural rules research* ($300 value);
  • Regular Email access  (up to $500 value);
  • Text messages access (priceless)*;
  • Two (2) biweekly group calls (each month) to discuss case updates ($600 value)*;
  • A lawyer consultation with a lawyer in your state ($500 value)*;
  • A private Facebook, with daily access to the Coach/Consultant and other legal/mental health professionals (priceless);
  • Free trainings & workshops (inside the FB group);
  • Free legal forms, templates, workbooks and e-guides* (up to $200 value);
  • Access to other legal professionals;
  • Discounts on additional services, like Document Preparation, Judge Lookup, Attorney Screen, etc. (up to 25%);
  • Up to date changes to relevant laws & policy issues;
  • and so much more.

*NOTE: Some benefits are only available to certain levels.


Membership Rates

Pro Se Coaching Membership

Subscription Membership Program

$ 49
Plus One-time Registration Fee $99

  • One 30-minute initial consultation
  • A customized initial analysis of your case in a Strategic Plan/”Casemap”
  • Weekly email check-in & status update
  • A private Facebook, with daily access
  • Discounts on additional services
  • Procedural, Court rules research
  • Free Legal Forms/Templates

Apply Now
$ 149
per month

  • A private Facebook, with daily access
  • Discounts on additional services
  • Legal & Procedural rules research
  • One 30-minute consultation
  • A customized initial analysis of your case in a Strategic Plan
  • Weekly Text & Email Message check-in & status updates
  • Document Review*
  • A Free Family Court Diary/Journal

Apply Now
$ 199
per month

  • Free Family Blank Law Forms
  • One 30-minute initial consultation
  • One Attorney Consultation within Your State
  • A written Personalized Strategic Action Plan
  • A private Facebook, with daily access
  • Discounts on additional services
  • Legal & Procedural Rules research
  • Biweekly Group Call
  • Document Review*
  • Weekly Text & Email Check-in
  • A FREE Book on Divorce or Custody*

Apply Now

How it Works

Step 1. Application Process

This program is ideal for most cases but not all.  Some extremely high conflict cases, i.e. parental alienation, need the direct assistance of a highly skilled attorney. Each person must complete and submit a complete application.

Step 2. Once Application is Received & Reviewed

Once you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email confirmation.  The email will include recommendations for the Program Level best suited for your circumstances (although can choose which one you want).  It will also include further instructions and a payment link.

NOTE: If you are not accepted into the Program (you will receive an email explaining why) you have the option to proceed with 1:1 Consulting or other Unbundled Services.  You can reapply at any time your circumstances change.

Step 3. After Payment & Signed Agreement Received Reviewed

After you have paid & returned your signed Agreement the Onboarding process starts.  The process entails getting as much information from you to set up your personalized Membership account. (A completed Intake form might be necessary.) You will need to set up an appointment for your one-hour consultation.

NOTE: Based on the info provided in any previous discussions or the initial application you might have to complete an Intake form to ensure that we have a clear picture of your case.

Step 4. The Initial Consultation

After you provide all information requested, we will have our half-hour Initial Consultation.  We will discuss the specifics of your case, the history, your expectations, etc.  It is imperative that ALL requested information, documents, etc. be provided BEFORE the call (at least 24 hours before the call.) If you schedule a call without submitting the requested info your call might be rescheduled.

Step 5. Your Personalized Strategic Plan

After we have successfully conducted the Initial Consultation (and received all requested info) a personalized Strategic Action Plan will be done for your case. This usually takes up to seven (7) days to complete depending on the complexity and depth of the issues of your case. This “Casemap” will serve as the basis for every decision (or move) you make practically, logistically, legally and financially.  This document will serve as a detailed tactical plan for progressing to your overall goals.  (You can read more about this specific document here.)

Step 6. Membership Benefits Activated

Once you receive you Casemap, the membership benefits are activated. (Of course you can reach out with specific questions before you receive the completed Casemap but it’s advised to keep that to a minimum.)

You will be added to the private Facebook group (with only other paid members).

You will be given account info &/or access for weekly check-ins and updates.

You will be added to the calendar (to keep track of important dates, deadlines, etc.)

You will be given access to private databases (based on Membership Level).

You can choose the Unbundled Service that best suits you (based on Membership Level).

You can schedule your one-hour consultation with an attorney from your state (based on Membership Level).

You can decide if you would like to upgrade Membership Level.

Need help deciding which Level best suits you? Click here for help.


  1. CANCELLATIONS: You can cancel at any time. Cancellation before the next billing cycle avoids any future payments.  If you cancel after the billing cycle started you are still responsible for payment for that cycle. No refunds for services rendered.
  2. PAYMENT: You are responsible for payment once your billing cycle has started. If you decide to cancel before any services have been rendered for that billing cycle, you are not responsible for payment.
  3. ACCESS: Membership only applies to the member that signed up. The membership access is not transferable.
  4. CHANGES IN CIRCUMSTANCES: If any point your situation changes and we need to re-do your Casemap, you will have to pay an additional fee. NOTE: This does not apply to issues that were anticipated at the time of completion of the Initial Casemap.
  5. UPGRADES: You can upgrade Membership Level at any time. You will have to pay the pro-rated membership fee from that date.
  6. DOWNGRADES: You can downgrade Membership Level once the billing cycle has ended for your previous Membership Level. If you choose to do that any time before that, you will not receive a refund or credit.
  7. PRIVACY: As a member one of the benefits is to have the insight of other professionals that can help with your case.  This means you give Tracey Bee the right to discuss the facts of your case with these professionals.
  8. ETHICS: The Rules of Ethics of your state will apply for qualified professionals.
  9. CONTACT: You are limited to contact Tracey Bee (and any other professionals) in the manner stated in your Membership Agreement.
  10. SERVICES: Your Membership Agreement shall apply in all respects unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


  1. How do I start?

You have to fill out the Application to see if you’re eligible.

2. Why should I join?

This is the ONLY membership program designed specifically for pro se, self represented Family Court litigants.  It is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality of services.

3. Which Membership Level is best for me?

The level that best suits you will depend on the complexity of your case, the stage of your case, the number of issues and the amount of support/guidance you need. Although the Membership Level will be recommended for you, you can choose which one you want. Go Here.

4. What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. Read the Terms & Conditions for our Cancellation policy.

5. What if I want to Upgrade or Downgrade?

You can Upgrade or Downgrade at any time as long as you are aware of the conditions. Read our Terms & Conditions for our policy on these.

6. What’s the difference between this and other subscription based services?

This service is specifically for Family Court, divorce or custody, only. This service offers advice (legal & practical) that focuses on STRATEGY. This alone sets us apart from any other legal subscription program or coaching program ANYWHERE.

7. Will you be representing me in court?

No. There is no court representation in this program. However, if you need to hire an attorney at any time please take advantage of the Attorney Screening or Referral services we offer.

8. Can I or should I work with a lawyer while in this program?

Yes you can. You should if at any time you feel that you are unable to proceed without one. Being in this program does not mean you can’t benefit from a lawyer too.

9. What if I need some of your additional services, do I have to pay for them?

Depends on the Membership Level you are in, additional services may be free or discounted.

10. Can I get 1:1 consulting or coaching services at any time?

Yes you can. You can seek out these services if you feel you need more hands on help with your case.

11. Can I join if I live outside of the USA?

This program is limited to the USA for now.

12. What if my case goes to trial, can you help with that?

Yes. If at any time you want help preparing for trial, you can move onto to private Coaching, join one of the Trial Prep Workshops or use the Trial Prep-Unbundled Service.

13. Are there any additional fees?

Maybe. Court filing fees, service fees, location fees, etc. are all separate.  Also, additional services NOT included in the Membership are also separate.

14.  I might have more questions, where can I reach you to get answers?

Feel free to contact me

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